Full Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom is one of the most used part of any house, so why not customize it in a stylish and clean space in that way you can enjoy your room? Just imagine you coming home every day from a stressful times and being able relax in a comfortable bathtub in a beautiful bathroom!

Your bathroom can look brand new with a few expert ideas and additions. We will work with any customers’ budget and any large or small project, until our customers are satisfied!

We can change the look of your bathroom with our professional services. Our services for bathroom renovation are included but not only these:

  • Professional demolition.
  • Removal of old tiles, bathtub, vanities…
  • Tile Installation.
  • All licensed plumbing and licensed electrical services.
  • Drywall, flooring.
  • Installation of all bathroom fixtures,
  • Painting services
  • Repairs and maintenance.