Cabinet Painting

Solid Colour Refinishing

We offer a variety of high quality refinishing services to transform your home to beautifully modern home, all for an unbelievably reasonable price.

On-Site and in Shop Refinishing

You are needing to be refinished, whether it’s your vanity, cabinets, storage or beyond after a while, our innovative techniques provide exceptional results that completely restore the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen.

We can change your kitchen to most finishes you desire with our paint techniques, choose from a variety of finishes colours, the paint we use is tough and durable.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

With our expertise, there’s no need to waste time and lots of money on replacements, as we’ll leave you with fantastic results that will last for years.

Bathroom & Laundry Cabinet Painting

Refinishing is a great way to extend the life and usefulness of existing bathroom cabinets, while giving them a fresh visual appeal. Cabinets that are faded or have blemishes can be repaired, and a protective coating can be applied. There’s no need to buy new cabinets if you can restore the older ones to a nearly new condition.


The Cabinet Painting Process

  • Take down and label all cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware
  • Wipe down all cabinets to de-grease
  • Mask off & tape the entire area to protect surfaces
  • Lightly sand all built-ins and doors
  • Fill cabinet cracks with wood filler
  • Add primer to all of the built-ins, doors & drawers
  • Lightly sand after priming
  • Add caulking to close off spacing around doors
  • Add two coats of paint to all of the built-ins, doors & drawers. Your doors and drawers are taken offsite to our spray booth where your doors & drawers will receive a factory like finish.
  • Lightly sand between coats
  • Clean, de-mask and reinstall your cabinetry & hardware
  • Enjoy Your New Updated Kitchen!