Wood floors are fine liked for their quality and timeless appearance.

How do you know if your floor needs to a refinishing work? If your floors have some light surface scratches and minimal fading when you cleaning them and the topcoat of finish may be all needed to be restored to the original luster and beauty of the wood. On the other hand if your floors have some deep scratches and also stains have been deeply embedded into areas of the floor where the finish has worn off, you will want to consider refinishing.


With the lower gloss finishes of today, scratches and dings are far less noticeable than the traditional high gloss products. Also, engineered hardwood, a growing industry trend, is far more stable and less likely to shrink and expand. Traditional, modern, or rustic, we’ll have something that fits your lifestyle and decor.


Laminate flooring has made huge strides in the last decade and is virtually indistinguishable from hardwood. While laminate looks just like wood, tile or stone, it often has benefits in the form of maintenance or wear and tear.

It’s also scratch resistant, water resistant and comes in a variety of thicknesses.