Exterior House Painting

Whether you need the whole of your home’s exterior painted or just parts of your home, we can accommodate you. We can paint stucco, brick, vinyl, sidings, garages, window trims, fences, decks, and gates.

Painting Lap Siding

The type of siding we will determine the painting technique to use. For most houses, some type of horizontal siding will be the case. This can include old lap-type siding where boards are nailed, one overlapping the one below, horizontally across the side of a house. It can also include new aluminum and vinyl siding that is moulded to look like old lap siding.

Painting Wood/Plywood Siding

A second, not as common type of house side painting is wood or in other old ones plywood sheeting.

Most of the plywood manufactured for siding, T1-11 plywood is probably the most common.

Most of the natural wood using as exterior house decoration are Cedar, Cypress, and Redwood are extremely weather-resistant compared to other woods.

Painting Exterior Trim

Painting the trim mouldings includes: the doors, windows, overhangs, shutters, gables, and other architectural features that are usually done in an accent colour to compliment the siding colour.

Painting Exterior Windows

Exterior Windows, usually first and second story windows. Paint windows in logical sections.

Painting Shutters

When we have to paint the shutters, we try to remove them to work and then hang them back up.

Benefits of Painting Your House Exterior

If the paints on your house is too old or peeling, getting a new exterior paint can increase the value of your house. It increases the odds of buyers taking an interest in your house and making it easier to sell.

There are some colours for house exterior that have a greater value than others. While any colour is liked by someone while some colours are more generally popular than others.

If your house appears dirty because of just an illusory effect of the paints, it’s less likely to be considered by potential buyers.

Interior Room Painting

There are a lot of places to find inspiration for new colour choices and accents for room painting.

Our professional painters are trained and experienced to provide you with high quality service performed by our experienced employees.

We are committed to providing you with complete customer satisfaction, paint quality service warranty and meet due dates on our services.

Cost of the painting

Estimating of the cost is on our experience of the working, it means: the larger houses, the greater number of the rooms, which means more corners, more trim and more doors of the rooms. A professional paint job can typically cost anywhere from $1.50 to more than $3.50 per square foot of the house depend on the house conditions.


Once the job is done, we will remove all the tape and protective coverings and make sure that there are not any drips anywhere, we also clean up and remove all of our equipment.


Paint quality is most considering and it can vary considerably and better paint costs more.

Most interiors are painted with latex paint with a matte or eggshell finish.